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Compliance Initiatives

Maxis Corporation conducts business in an ethical manner and fully complies with all laws, regulations, and rules.

Compliance Items

- We shall respect individuals and not engage in any kind of discrimination, harassment or other violation of human rights.
- We shall prioritize fair business practices and shall not engage in any form of cartel, collusion, abuse of advantageous position, or unfair competition.
- We shall comply with all generally accepted accounting principles and shall not issue any financial reports that differ from the facts.
- We shall properly manage company assets and shall avoid conflicts of interest and personal use of company assets.
- We shall limit ourselves to reasonable interaction with business partners and shall not engage in any inappropriate sharing of benefits.
- We shall strictly manage all company information and any work-related information provided by others (both of which include personal data),
and shall not use such information for anything other than its intended purpose or share it with any third parties.
- We shall stand firm against any anti-social forces and not enter any type of relationship with such parties.

To ensure that all of our executives and employees comply with these items, we have established standards and regulations and provide training sessions as needed.

Our efforts are not limited to legally required compliance. We also actively participate in community engagement activities
such as voluntary recycling programs and clean-up activities.

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