Corporate Profile

Established April 1, 1996(date of merger)
Trade Name Maxis Corporation
Head Office Location 〒105-0012 Shibadaimon center bld.1-10-11, shibadaimon, minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital 218,249,500yen (number of shares) 297,016
Director PRESIDENT  Yasuhito honda
DIRECTOR  Minoru Komatsu
DIRECTOR  Yutaka Noguchi

DIRECTOR (part-time work)  Hiroaki Kondo, Metal One corporation,
Manager of special steel business division

AUDITOR (part-time work)  Mototsugu Okudera
Settlement Period March
Number of Employee 180
Eligible Billing
Business Number
T  1010401063214


Special Steel Corporation ,
Heavy Machinery Parts Corporation

Tokushu Kozai Corporation Juki Buhin Corporation
April,1951 Founded Yoshimoto Kouzai Firm was established in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
August, 1953 Incorporation Renamed to Tokushu Kozai Corporation Capital of 1 million yen.
January, 1966 Juki Buhin Corporation was established in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Captital of 3 million yen.
July, 1967 Headquarters was moved to Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
May, 1970 Tokyo branch was established.
October, 1970 Osaka branch was established.
March, 1971 Kanto Office was established.
May, 1972 Exports to Southeast Asia began.
September, 1972 Tohoku branch was established.
February, 1973 Kyushu Office was established.
November, 1975 Sapporo Office was established.
October, 1979 Nagoya Office was established.
January, 1980 Imports from Europe began.
August, 1980 Captial was increased to 30 million yen.
October, 1988 Hiroshima Office was established.
July, 1993 Captial was increased to 45 million yen.
November, 1995 Merger was decided. Merger was decided. Reporting period changed to March.

Maxis Corporation

April, 1996 Tokushu Kouzai and Juki Buhin merged together to form Maxis Corporation.
February, 1997 Captial was increased to 218,249,500 yen.
May, 1998 New information system began operation. Information was shared between all branches and offices in real time.
November, 1998 Investment by Nissho Iwai Corporation amounted to around 25% of shares.
December, 1998 Industrial Machinery Marketing Devision was established. Sales of pressure washers began.
April, 2002 New development project was established. OEM sales to construction equipment manufacturers began.
April, 2002 MAXIS ASIA was established.
April, 2002 Toyokawa Office was established.
April, 2003 North Kanto Office was established.
December, 2003 Business tie-up with TOKIRON Ltd. began.
July, 2004 Headquarters was moved to Hamamatsu-cho.
April, 2005 Niigata Office was established.
April, 2005 ISO 9001:2000 certification was acquired by Special Steel Division (headquarters, Kanto Processing Center, and Toyokawa Office).
April, 2006 Doto Office was established.
March, 2007 Doto Office was closed.
April, 2007 East Kanto Office was established.
April, 2007 Nagoya Office was moved
May, 2007 Toyokawa Office was moved.
May, 2007 Osaka Office was moved.
June, 2007 East Japan PD Center was established.
July, 2007 Tokyo Marketing Division was moved.
April, 2008 West Kanto Office was established.
October, 2008 Himeji Office was established.
April, 2009 Niigata Office was closed.
October, 2009 West Kanto Office was closed.
October, 2009 Tokyo Marketing Division was moved.
April, 2011 North Kanto Office was closed.
October, 2011 Nagoya Office was moved.
October, 2011 Headquarters was moved.
April, 2012 Himeji Office was closed.
May, 2016 Steel Material Distribution Center was moved.
January, 2017 West Japan PD Center was established.
May, 2020 Toyokawa Office was moved.
June, 2020 Osaka Office was moved.
November, 2022 Morioka Office was established.

Main Clients

Financing Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kiraboshi Bank
Domestic Partners (Manufacturer) Aichi Steel Corporation, Kobe Steel, Ltd, NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, JFE Steel Corporation, Daido, Ltd, TOKIRON Inc., TOPY ENTERPRISES, LIMITED, MITSUBISHI STEEL MFG.CO.,LTD, Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, GODO STEEL, Ltd., Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd, Taguchi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Domestic Customers AKTIO Corporation, ASHIO ROCK DRILL CO.,LTD., OSG Corporation, KATSUSHIKA STEEL CO.,LTD., Kanamoto Co., Ltd, KINAN Corporation CO.,LTD., KYB Corporation, Kobelco Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd., Komatsu Customer Support Japan Ltd., SUMITOMO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD., TOKAI CARBON CO., LTD., Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation, Nippon Caterpillar LLC., NIPPON SHARYO, LTD., Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd., Futaba Corporation, FURUKAWA ROCK DRILL CO., LTD., Morooka Corporation, YAMAWA MFG. Co., Ltd.
International Partner BERCO (Italy), Black Cat (Canada), Erasteel (France), ESTM (South Korea), Forecreu (France), S. Pathana Casting (Thailand)

Message from President

"Transformation and Challenge" as a trading company that creates future value

Since the merger, we have established a solid track record and position in both special steel and construction machinery parts business fields and we have been working to create high added value while we respond rapidly to changes in the business environment. Environment surrounding our company is changing dramatically. In this era of change, we move forward, under the policy of “customer satisfaction first” policy that has been in place since the company was founded, we aim “supplier satisfaction” , “employee satisfaction” , “company satisfaction” , and will contribute to society and pursue business activities. Based on more enhancement of our strength, we provide customers with high quality and high services in accordance with their exact needs and we will continue to take on challenges for the bright future. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

April 1, 2024
Maxis Corporation
PresidentYasuhito honda

Compliance Policy

We, Maxis Corporation, will comply with laws, regulations and rules, and carry out corporate activities with maintaining high ethics.

Compliance Rules

Strategies of BCP(Business Continuity Plan)

We, Maxis Corporation, learned from the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, are aiming for a business structure that does not cause inconvenience to customers even if a disaster occurs, and are working for improvement of BCP(Business Continuity Plan)and BCM(Business Continuity Maintenance).
We are creating business continuity action plans, specifically as three pillars, 「security of employees」「business continuity」「restoration of information and communication infrastructure」.
At the time of disaster, we will act in three phases from the occurrence to the restoration.

Initial Phase(from the disaster to the next day)

Immediately after the outbreak, the first priority is to ensure the safety of employees. We prepare「Evacuation Manual」,「Safety Confirmation System」,「 Supplies for people who cannot return home」for a disaster.

Policy Decision Phase(The day after the disaster)

To continue prioritized work from the day after the disaster, we will check the damage of our company and suppliers, secure the products to our customers, and make disaster recovery plan to minimize the impact of disaster.
Besides, 「spare server」 to hold business data,「generator」to secure electricity have been already prepared.

Recovery Phase(until normalization of work)

Not only our restoration but also keeping in mind the recovery of region and customers, executives and employees will work together to implement the recovery plan.

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

We, Maxis Corporation consider to be a corporate social responsibility that personal number and personal information should be safe and appropriate, handle personal information appropriately according to the following basic policy.

1.Compliance with Related Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

Maxis Corporation complies with the Act on the Protection of specific Personal Information, guideline and other rules.

2.Matters Related Safe Management Measures

In order to prevent from loss or damage of specific personal information, and to ensure the appropriate management of personal information, Maxis Corporation will take safety management measures of physical and technical such as clarification of employee responsibility, maintenance of internal regulations and employee education and training.

3.Contact for Enquires and Complains

Please address enquiries or complaints regarding of Maxis Corporation’s handling of specific personal information as follows.
Department/General Affairs Department(General Manager Yutaka Noguchi)
Telephone number /03-5403-7058

We aim to be a concierge in the steel and construction machinery industry.

With overwhelming quantity and high quality,
we put our top priority on customer satisfaction and make flexible proposals.

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